BestaPower - Compressed Air and Electric Supply Systems

Conductix-Wampfler provides specialized systems to deliver compressed air and electric power to assembly lines.

Additional information

These systems are used to make compressed air, electrical power and digital data available primarily in assembly shops which use hand tools and in partly automated working processes and also feature tool carriers and tool transporters to allow workstations to move to where they are needed along the line. The risks of accidents caused by hoses lying around on the floor are eliminated by overhead compressed air and electric supply systems.

Configurations can be implemented with C-rail systems, combined with  cable and hose  festoon systems or  energy guiding chains or integrated compressed air pipes like W5-traxX or Bestapower, all of which make it possible to use different modular components to create customer-specific, ergonomically designed systems for virtually any application and therefore contribute to higher safety at work.

Bestapower and W5-traxX systems have been deployed for many years around the world in a whole range of industries. Thousands of metres of Bestapower rail and the associated workplace equipment are, for example, installed in various production sectors in the automotive industry.