LJU Mobile Controls

Automation technology has been a standard part of production processes in the automotive industry for years, but there has been tremendous technological progress in recent decades.

For over 30 years, we have been driving this technology and technological progress - more than 150,000 reliable devices in over 1,000 plants speak for themselves. We are pioneers of diverse developments in automation technology and will continue to be so. Customer-specific requirements drive our developments and contribute significantly to our success.

Mobile control technology for the automation of your production processes

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The automation of production processes is constantly advancing. With our mobile controllers, we offer automation technology of the latest generation.

LJU Mobile Controls

Decentralized control technology has been strongly associated with the term "LJU" for over 30 years. More than 150,000 control systems in over 1,000 industrial plants in the automotive industry and intralogistics speak for themselves. Typical industrial applications for our mobile control technology are electric monorail systems (EMS), skillet systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

LJU Mobile Controls - Typical Applications

To remain competitive today, ever higher demands are being placed on automated production. With their continuous production quality and market maturity, standardized products play out their advantages here. But sometimes the standard is not enough! Thanks to our development department, we can develop specific solutions far beyond standard functions. Thus, even the most difficult tasks can be realized.

Short innovation cycles force plant operators to carry out new planning and rescheduling more frequently. Therefore, the faster and easier the plant conversion, the more sustainable and profitable the operation. Compatibility is the magic word: At Conductix-Wampfler, we pay attention to compatibility in the development of our mobile controllers, both in terms of functionality and connections - and not only for our own devices but also for third-party devices. Thus, the retrofit of a plant with LJU mobile controls is uncomplicated, fast, and cost-effective.

Whether single-axis or multi-axis application, we have the Mobile Control for your automation needs.